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Fire Performer - Video Production - Fire Equipment & Tools
Fire Katana - Morgan Floki  Photo by Henry Moon  @viralmediausa

Fire Katana - Morgan Floki

Photo by Henry Moon @viralmediausa


As a fire artist and film maker lighting up in Austin Texas for over two decades, Morgan Floki has long been practitioner of the fire arts. He creates unique cosmic fire effects mixed with high energy performances using off worldly melodies. His previous live performances include Walt Disney World Entertainment; The Texas Renaissance Festival; and Burning Man.

Floki’s Youtube Channel has been featured in - Top 15 Poi Performance Channels .

2018 Go Pro Awards Winner

2018 Go Pro Awards Winner


Captiving Flames

Morgan Floki first started exploring fire arts while attending bonfires on the beaches of Corpus Christi in 2003. He attended college and studied theater arts and film making. With a background in film/tv production, his career highlights include; working as a commercial producer, a news photo journalist, a wedding videographer, and even co-creating a martial arts Tv show. Later in his career, while working in tech support and video web streaming, he continued to practice his passion of fire spinning in his free time.

Morgan never thought he would run away to the circus, but this time the circus came to him. While working at Renaissance fairs, luau’s and music festivals, he gained many friendships/connections. Fire performance became more than just a hobby. After over decade of training and fine tuning , it was time for Morgan to go full time. In 2018, Floki’s Fire was created. Furthering his career, he embraced the opportunities of building custom fire equipment and producing original fire video productions. Floki’s Fire is a blend of fire performances, giant fire creations blended with story and cinematic videography.

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Sparklers In the Dark

Growing up in Texas, the 4th of July was a memorable holiday. Each year My friends and family would ride our bikes to the town lake and grab a seat (or blanket) to watch the local Fireworks display. Star bursts, streamers, crackles, rings and giant golden sparks that floated down like willow trees filled the sky all floating over the small lake reflecting back the night sky. We would each light sparklers and dance to the radio, synchronized with the pyrotechnic explosions above our head. We danced and cheered while lighting every spark; we stayed up late each year, making patterns in the dark.
-Morgan Floki


Travels and Adventures

Burning man Fire Conclave

An unforgettable journey, traveling with fifty wild pyros to middle of the black Rock desert do deliver one incredible performance for 2018’s Effigy Burn. My desert family will always be home.

Viking Trials

Floki got his name while fire dancing in the woods of Sherwood forest faire, performing with the Celtic viking band Saxon Moon. Hard work and experimentation paid off. Fire shows in the woods quickly lead to the formation of Solar Rain and gigantic performances for the Texas Renaissance Festival.